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Delphi Satellite Radio Systems

Delphi Satellite Radio Systems

Delphi is the foremost global dealer of transportation systems and mobile electronics, including thermal, safety, steering, powertrain, and security & control systems, as well as electronic/electrical architecture, and in-car entertainment technologies. Designed to meet and go beyond the precise standards of the industry of automotive, the technology of Delphi can also be found in consumer electronics, computing, communications, medical, and energy applications.

Delphi was also the first supplier for automotive to license technology for both Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio, as well as supplies for satellite radio systems such as antennas, receivers, and user interface which are compatible with the two broadcast formats; their receivers can be incorporated into radios or placed remotely, and allows the display of song title, artist, and channel name to listeners.

The benefits of having Delphi satellite radio systems is its alignment with the two broadcast providers, as well as its integration expertise, digital-quality talk and music programming, enables improved data services, extensive variety of listening alternatives, and total system solution.

The Delphi satellite radio systems receivers feature packaging flexibility, text capable, small and compact, as well as 2.3 GHz high-frequency signal reception, and multiple vehicle bus structure compatibility. Check out this Delphi satellite radio systems at Satellite Radio Superstore:

Delphi MyFi XM2GO XM Radio Portable Audio System
MyFi is a plug & play receiver and portable player, so it can be used almost anywhere, whether driving, jogging, or simply sitting by the fireplace, the system allows listeners to have XM Radio everywhere. It also allows recording a favorite program for up to five hours, so one can access it anytime. The package includes hand-held MyFi receiver; mounting accessories; rechargeable, integrated battery; complete vehicle kit; complete home kit; built-in XM antenna; remote control; headphones; carrying case; and belt stand/clip.
Price: $169.95

Delphi MyFi XM Radio Receiver with Portable iMX2 Boombox Bundle
This portable Plug & Play receiver allows a “handy” listening to XM radio in cars, picnics, home, and pretty much everywhere. It allows up to five hours of content recording so you don’t have to miss a thing. The kit includes car kit, boombox, and car kit.
Price: $199.95
Delphi satellite radio systems are widely available in the market today; you may also want to check out websites selling Delphi satellite radio systems as they mostly have the best deals, including discounted sale prices and great “bonus” package kits.