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LUCAS ALTERNATOR 8259 COMPATIBLE WITH FORD ESCAPE MAZDA TRIBUTE V6 3.0L 2001-2005 1127506 1L8U10300CD 1L8U10300CE 1L8Z10346CB 1L8Z10346CBRM 1L8Z10V346CCRM 4U2Z10V346ANRM, AFD0073, 40014103

Replacement Part Numbers: 133153, 139596, 1L8U10300CD, 1L8U-10300-CD, 1L8U10300CE, 1L8U-10300-CE, 1L8U10300DD, 1L8U-10300-DD, 1L8U10300DE, 1L8U-10300-DE, 1L8UCD, 1L8U-CD, 1L8UCE, 1L8U-CE, 1L8UDD, 1L8U-DD, 1L8UDE, 1L8U-DE, 1L8Z10346CB, 1L8Z-10346-CB, 1L8Z10346CBRM, 1L8Z-10346-CBRM, 1L8Z10346DA, 1L8Z-10346-DA, 1L8Z10V346CCRM, 1L8Z-10V346-CCRM, 1N3153, 20170169, 208259, 2-08259, 2105349, 210-5349, 2133153, 213-3153, 2139596, 213-9596, 23726, 3342503A, 334-2503A, 40014103, 400-14103

Product Type: Alternator; Condition: New; Voltage: 12V; Amperage: 110A; Rotation: CW; Regulator/Fan: IR/IF; Pulley Class: S6; Mounting Hardware Included: No; Unit Finish: Same as OE; Number of Pieces: 1; Country of Origin: US

Compatible With Ford Escape XLS, XLT 3.0L 2003-04; Compatible With Mazda Tribute ES, LX 3.0L 2001-04 – See the Description for more Applications

One Year Hassle Free Guarantee

Additional Part Numbers: 4U2Z10V346ANRM, 4U2Z-10V346-ANRM, 5L8U10300AA, 5L8U-10300-AA, 5L8U10300AB, 5L8U-10300-AB, 5L8UAA, 5L8U-AA, 5L8UAB, 5L8U-AB, 5L8Z10346AA, 5L8Z-10346-AA, 5L8Z10346AB, 5L8Z-10346-AB, 66395, 6L8Z10346DA, 6L8Z-10346-DA, 8259, 8259603, 8259603AV, 8259A, 8259AN, 8259N, 90025122, 90-02-5122, 90025122N, 90-02-5122N, 92513, A2050, A-2050, AFD0073, AJ0318300A, AJ03-18-300A, AJ0318300B, AJ03-18-300B, AJ1118300B, AJ11-18-300B, AL7596N, AL7596X, GL463

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