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One Way To Deal With GM’s Oil Burning AFM Junk

Anyone who has owned a GM with the infamous “AFM” or “active fuel management engine” knows how big of a fumble the government bailed out automaker made coming up with this mess. From lifters that break to cams that get wiped out to the 5qts of oil they will burn between changes, there is no end to the list of problems these engine have. Here in the PRNY (Peoples Republic Of NY) or anywhere in the rust belt the only thing that wears out faster than the AFM engines in these GMT900 series trucks is the frame. On a quiet night around here you can listen to the frame rotting away. So with that being said customers in these parts rarely want to fix these oil guzzlers when they come in with one of the AFM cylinders sucking so much oil it fouls out a spark plug and causes a misfire with a flashing engine light. So in this video I show you a common practice around our shop to keep these junkers going while they are waiting for the frame to rot away. Oh and don’t take my word for it that the AFM engines are a disaster, just Google “Problems with AFM engines” and pull up a chair.

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